Our Happy Customers

testimonial 1“Before I came to Super Fitness I had already tried a number of things. I had joined other training programs and tried any number of diets. Nothing worked and I felt depressed about my heavy body. Then someone told me about their fitness programs and I decided to join. The first few weeks were demanding as my body had to adjust to a regular workout routine with some very different eating habits. Both my diet and workout was developed keeping in mind my body, lifestyle and weight. In just a month I could see and feel the results! I had not just lost weight, I also looked and felt better. I was eating healthy and feeling happy. Today I’ve reached my weight goal, but I continue to train with Super Fitness because of their support and encouragement.”

Julia Henderson, Gold Coast

testimonial 2“I love to eat and that’s never been a problem. But since I hit my 30s, all that yummy delicious food seems to come settle right at my waistline. Since leaving food was absolutely impossible, I was beginning to despair. That’s when I read about Tweed Heads and decided to join. I realized that a healthy body has nothing to fear and as long as we exercise, there is nothing to stop us from eating. Though, I have also realised how important it is to eat right. So now I now longer fear food and I am fitter than ever before.”

Melanie Polak, Gold Coast

Green Coffee Beans 1“After a recent knee reconstructive surgery, I have been pretty concerned about my workout schedule. I was scared to push myself and needlessly complicate my situation. When I told my trainer at Super Fitness about my physical limitations, she assured me that it was absolutely no problem. My workout was designed accordingly. Today I’m actually fitter than before I had my surgery! It has been awesome to realise that my surgery was just a minor hiccup to overcome!”

Maria Stephen, Gold Coast

testimonial 4“I had put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy. Even after my baby was born, I found it almost impossible to get rid of the extra flab, no matter what I did. I found it hard to pick myself up and get on to an exercising program. A fitness program, frankly, terrified me. Then my husband heard about Super Fitness’ bootcamp. Somehow I found it easier to exercise in a group. The trainer was also very helpful and constantly motivated me. Today I find myself looking forward to meeting my girls everyday. I am full of energy and even find it easier to deal with my energetic baby boy. I am actually slimmer than my pre-pregnancy weight! But, more importantly I feel fit and healthy!”

Sarah Cowell, Gold Coast

Testimonial 5“I always found the idea of a bootcamp rather scary. I had visions of tyrannical trainers, military style of working and sullen group mates. The Super Fitness bootcamp was anything but that. Our trainers were encouraging and supportive. The workout was always changing and kept me on my toes. I made some great friends in my group. We were able to motivate each other. Seeing other’s enthusiasm and their improving fitness levels was such a great inspiration. Today I’ve lost close to 30 kgs. I’m much fitter and have my self-esteem has also gone up. I have recommended Super Fitness training programs to many of my friends and will be forever thankful to them for introducing me to a healthier lifestyle.”

Celina Johnson, Gold Coast