Personal Training Gold Coast


Get ​Personal Attention With Our Training Program

We all may want to get fit, but not all of us can stay the often long and hard course of a fitness regime. Personal training is the perfect tool for such people. Personal trainers provide the motivation, drive and support that are so crucial to stay the course.

Personal Training Gold Coast

Super Fitness Gold Coast understands this need for personal attention. Our trainers will not just guide you, but work personally with you to set your aims, while in mind your weaknesses and strengths. They will provide you with the impetus to stick with the program, providing the drive whenever necessary.

In keeping with our client’s varied demands and our fitness program standards, we have developed training packages that include:

–          A customised fitness program

–          Complete evaluation of body fat and muscle content

–          Dietary advise to help gain or lose weight as required

–          Variable training schedules

–          Supportive and encouraging environment

–          Access to modern fitness equipment

–          Admittance to specialised fitness classes

–          Flexible timing

–          Special short-term schedule if needed

Personal training depends a lot on your rapport with your trainer. We take pains to pair you up with the right trainer and develop a program that suits your particular needs. It will take into account your goals, fitness levels, abilities and weak spots. The method developed will be tailored to suit your body. To make sure that this program is implemented, each step of the program will be under scrutiny. Your development will be assessed and evaluated at regular intervals.

Our methods stress on the right development of your fitness programs. It is important that the right muscles get the workout. Our clients come to us not just for losing weight. Many of them are recovering from injury. Many more are just looking for a healthier lifestyle and understand the importance of a good exercise regime. The motivation may be a wedding, an anniversary or just a health crisis.

So come and talk to us. Tell us about what you are looking for. We will help you focus on your goals, keep you motivated and help you through minor setbacks. Help us make Gold Coast fitter and healthier. Fill up our online form or call us!


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