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The famous maxim “no pain, no gain” definitely applies to this age of heightened stress, increased waistlines, and decreased vitality. Truly, consistently working out is the answer to all these afflictions.

Correct and unrelenting workoutis a scientifically proven means of boosting fitness, reducing additional body mass, enhancing mood, negating injuries, and preventing unwanted illnesses. Nowadays, there are many distinct ways of exercising and working out geared towards different individuals and their objectives. Broadly, however, exercises can be classified into three categories: aerobic, non-aerobic, and hybrid exercises.

Aerobic exercises are so called because they require loads of lung power and cardiovascular ability besides – of course – a certain degree of strength and agility. Aerobic training is specifically designed to swiftly lift the heart rate, build stamina, and help shed body fat layers. As aerobic exercises need constant efforts and time, they can be done in many innovative ways to avert monotony and boredom. Thus, an aerobic workout can involve brisk walking, jogging, cycling, and rope jumping as well as fresher pursuits like Zumba dancing and group calisthenics. For best results, you should effect subtle changes to your everyday life to aid your aerobic exercise program; these include invariably taking the staircase and walking instead of driving.

Non-aerobic drills specifically entail weight lifting and strength training. These exercises are exclusively aimed at adding muscles and generating stronger bones with minimal energy expenditure. Many gyms and health clubs have special resistance training zones comprising advanced equipment. Consequently, a non-aerobic workout program can encompass lifting dumbbells, doing bench presses, performing barbell curls, doing calf and leg extensions, and perpetrating shoulder presses. Prior to these drills, you should warm up your body and make it nimble by performing stretches and light exercises. While doing strength training, it is also vital to maintain correct form failing which you may risk serious pain and long-lasting injuries. Further, you must ascertain that all body parts are covered and not just the conventional arm and shoulder areas. You would do well to enlist the support of an experienced fitness coach to ensure the above.

A hybrid workout program entails exercises that require varying amounts of both aerobic and strength training. Many popular pursuits and sports are covered in this category excellent examples of which are yoga, kickboxing, swimming, football, and tennis. Not only do these fitness exploits demand respiratory capabilities and flexibility but also enhanced power and resistance. This is why modern athletes and sportspersons can frequently be seen indulging in a mix of weight training and cardiovascular activities.

Appropriate diet and rest are inextricable parts of any successful workout regimen. Without nutritional food and adequate rest, all aerobic and strenuous efforts will go to waste. Thus you must ensure that you imbibe a balanced diet replete with essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals to develop strength, discard superfluous weight, and help your system fight diseases. You must also sleep overnight for at least 6 hours and take well-timed breathers otherwise to allow your fatigued body to recoup. Incidentally, research has conclusively shown that it is during periods of rest that your muscles actually grow!

Being dedicated, regular, and – most importantly – being truthful will guarantee successful exercising results. Set realistic and doable goals after frankly assessing your body type and lifestyle.  Attempt to assimilate working out as a part of your daily routine just as you treat tasks like bathing and grooming. There is no scope for cheating as workouts can be performed virtually anywhere these days – at home, in the gym, at the park, and even places like the airport (stretching and squats) and office rooms (chair dips and neck exercises).

If you steadfastly adopt the aforesaid guidelines, there’s nothing to stop your workout program from working out!