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Get on the Fit Express With Our Boot Camp

Get your fitness program off the ground with a vroom. In Gold Coast Super Fitness boot camps are the quickest and the most efficient way to make a start on your fitness program.

Welcome All

Each of us has a different body and we have different requirements. Our doors are open to all and our trainers understand the need to tailor their regimen according to our client’s need. Whether a newbie or a fitness devotee – we know how to work with different body types, bringing out the best in you.

Varied Programs

We understand the necessity of variety in our workout regimen. We take special care to ensure that our boot camps have enough variety and that they do not run like a mechanised programs. We use different equipment like car tyros and kettle ball as well as a mixed bag of approaches with boxing and weights thrown in. we ensure our programs are varied so that boredom does not set in.

Limited Size

Unlike many other group boot camp centers, we ensure that our groups do not exceed a limit. Larger groups are harder to manage, limit workout and training options and also pose a higher injury risk.

Flexible Schedule

Life is unpredictable and we understand the necessity of bending our schedules to emergencies. We will adjust and schedule accordingly. Now you only need to pay for sessions you attend and not the ones you had to miss.

Constant Supervision

At every step of the process we will monitor your performance to see how far you have come, your developments and the areas where you need more focus. Knowing your results also has an added advantage. It is a great motivator to go ahead.

Be Part of a Fit Community

Join our fitness program and be part of our fitness community. Join our events, competitions and other occasions. These are not just fun, but also keep you motivated.

In short, our bootcamps are designed to

  1. Be effective and efficient
  2. Firm up your muscle tone and lose the flab
  3. Lose weight and get and tone your body
  4. Boost your fitness and energy levels
  5. Build your self esteem by giving you a positive body image
  6. A network of friends and trainers to help you stay on track


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