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Boot Camp Albert Park Training Tools

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For your clients to successful enjoy their time in boot camp you need to check out if it has the much-needed tools to make your training exceptional and practical. Most of the boot camps start with very minimal equipment and later they add as their client base increases and here are the must-have tools in boot camp albert Park.

1. The Markers, cones and the witches’ hats

These are basic equipment that is needed to run a boot camp, and they are quite versatile since they are used for the stations in the circuits. The markers are used for agility drills, relay batons, score counters and even for the team mascots. Having the knowledge of the bodyweight training helps you to know that the use of gravity and the bodyweight helps to decrease and increase the resistance. This is used for the fundamental bodyweight exercises like the squats, pulls and push ups.

2. Invest in Battling ropes and others

To make the boot camp more successful, you need to invest in:

  •    Skipping ropes
  •    Jump ropes
  •    Balls of different sizes and shapes
  •    Rubber resistance bands
  •    Battling Ropes

The ropes and bands are super important since they help hen training in pulling movements of the bodyweight. It’s advisable to go for the heavy and thick ropes that are sealed and have coated ends, and they run between 15m long and 75mm thick.

3. Invest sandbags

Investing in versatile and high quality training equipments is ideal for moving your gym Alberta Park to high levels. You need to have the sandbags that help in barbell training and offer an added value to stimulating of the real-life loads. Buy waterproof sandbags that have high quality seals and ones that don’t leak and they should also have Velcro and zip. The sandbags should also have sealed inners making it easy to interchange them for making various weights. Ensure you have enough sand that is units of 10kg and smaller of 5kg to fill up the inners every three times giving the perfect sandbag for training. Remember that the beginner workouts for sandbags should be between 5 kg to 16kgs and the immediate between 15kg to 30kg while for the advanced participants it should be above 30kgs. Sandbags offer the most affordable ways of exercising for those who love heavyweights.

4. Invest in Kettlebells

The kettlebells are super versatile and used mostly for developing strength and body conditioning. Additionally, they are known to repair and help in rehabilitating the back and shoulder injuries.